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Fast delivery all over Croatia!

Do you need to pack an expensive, large-framed image to send overseas? Not a problem. Come right on into your local MBE!

Do you have a new promo pack of wine that you need to send to local bars and restaurants? MBE can do you everything from picking up a pallet from the winery, making a custom box, printing promotional materials and finally packing, protecting and sending your wine into the hands of your clients. Making sure that your wine gets drunk by the customer, not the surrounding packages in the delivery van. Each bottle will be carefully protected, packaged, fitted with the promotional material of your choice, stored in boxes, addressed and delivered to the desired destination.

Do you send a lot of packages every day? Not satisfied with the collection time of your current courier? Or does sorting your packages, creating and setting up your address labels take up too much of your time? What happens when your courier has picked up your parcels and another package suddenly needs to be sent urgently?

MBE is the ideal solution for all these kinds of problems. Contact us at and make an appointment with a friendly member of our team. They will create a service tailored just for you.

Professional packing made effortless

Does your contract need to be on the far side of the world tomorrow morning? Call your local MBE Centre! We offer assistance with shipments of all kinds:

Do you own a successful e-commerce shop but struggle with managing your product warehouse, packing and shipping? Do customers call you when their goods are late? Or do you simply want more time to devote to the services your business is best at?

MBE provides complete micro-logistics solutions which take care of all of these aspects of your business. Dedicate yourself to sales and marketing and leave the annoying stuff to us! MBE can store your products, issue, package and ship to customers at your request, receive returns (we know you don’t like them), and keep complete merchandise and warehouse records. But the best part is that we can answer any questions your customers have about shipping. You can simply add our contact details to your website and we’ll relieve you of all the hard work.

Need an urgent box of spare parts from France? Want to import a range of goods from Turkey? Whatever you need to send or receive, MBE solves it for you. We will arrange for the transport and clearance of the documentation as well as arrange for any import clearance which might be necessary. Just one call or email to is all you need. Your shipment will soon be on its way to its destination.

Want to receive shipments outside your business hours? Your local MBE Centre is the perfect place to make this happen. You can pick up the shipments on the next business day, we can deliver them to your office or redirect them to your liking.

Need a dropshipping service? MBE can pick up your supplier’s shipment, repackage it, attach your labels and branding, add instructions or promo material and send it on to your customer. Your customer never has to know that the goods have never physically been with you or who your supplier is. Dropshipping is a service where the seller does not keep the goods in stock, but upon receipt of the buyer’s order, orders the goods from the supplier and ships them directly to the buyer.

Our customer support will help you to pack and ship

Let us take care of your package.

MBE Adriatic or its partners within the MBE Franchise are not postal service providers in accordance with the Postal Services Act (NN 144/2012, 153/2013, 78/2015), but consolidate shipments for the purpose of handing over to postal and courier service providers.