Protection of Your Personal Data

Privacy Policy

Mail Boxes Etc. Croatia believes that the protection of personal data of individuals is a fundamental right of every person. We want you, as our client, to feel safe and to have the highest level of experience with MBE. Therefore, it is extremely important to us that your personal information is adequately protected and we attach great importance to it.

When processing personal data, MBE ensures that it is processed solely in accordance with applicable laws and respecting all client rights. In the processing of personal data, we will act in a transparent manner and will only process it if there is a clear purpose and it is in the interest of the client and will use available technological measures to protect the client’s personal information.

The term data processing means storing, recording, organising, accessing and transferring personal data to MBE or to third parties with whom MBE is in a business relationship with – only during the term of this business relationship as well as after the termination of the business relationship with the client during the period in which Mail Boxes Etc. Croatia is obliged to keep some documentation.

Collection of personal information

In order for Mail Boxes Etc. to establish a business relationship with you and provide you with a quality service, it is necessary for you to share your personal information with us (e.g. your name, address, telephone number, etc.). When collecting personal information, MBE is guided by the principle of collecting the minimum amount of personal data required for a particular purpose.

MBE collects and processes personal information for the purpose of contracting the service, establishing relationships and fulfilling contractual obligations. The amount of information we will need to collect depends on the service or product you requested. In addition to the information we need to contract the service, we are required to collect certain information for which there is a legal obligation to collect and we will not be able to provide our services without them.

Processing of personal data

All information about you collected by MBE by providing you with a service, including your personal information, is protected by law as classified information. MBE will not proceed with the processing of your information unless it is necessary for the realisation of the service you have requested. If the processing is not legally required, if there is no legitimate interest in doing so, or if you have not given specific consent for the processing of personal data, we will not do so.

In some cases, MBE works with partners to provide you with the best possible and complete service. In this regard, MBE can have several roles that are important to understand in order to have a complete picture of how your data is handled in these collaborations:

  • Processing manager – in this role, we will independently determine the purpose of data processing similar to how we do in situations in which we contract our own products and services.
  • Joint manager – in these situations, we will determine the purpose of the processing with the other legal entities involved. An example of such processing is consolidation when picking up consignments and selecting the courier and handing the consignment over to the courier.

The processing of personal data is possible for the purpose of contracting products or services due to legal obligations and legitimate interest. Legitimate interest is the processing of data for the purpose of improving the business processes, services and products of MBE and developing a business process with a client.

If the processing of the data is not on a legal, contractual or legitimate basis, MBE will seek consent for the use of personal data. Privileges are voluntary and you can withdraw them at any time.

Client rights

The protection of personal data entails significant client rights, such as:

  • Request confirmation of your personal data being processed and gain access to your personal data and the purpose of their processing, data categories and potential recipients who process your data
  • Request the correction of incorrect personal information if MBE does not have up-to-date information
  • Request deletion of information that is not necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was collected
  • Object to the processing process or to portability to third parties
  • Revoke consent on the basis of which we process personal information
  • Request the transfer of your information to another processing manager

For your other privacy rights and information, contact us at

MBE retains personal information in accordance with legal requirements and sometimes for longer as it has a legitimate interest in resolving potential complaints or disputes. A special internal act sets the deadlines for keeping the documentation used by MBE in its operations. For example, we retain the information we collect because of a legal obligation to implement anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures for 10 years from the date of termination of the business relationship. That is, from the date of the transaction.