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In over 2800+ global Business Centres, the MBE system offers value-added services which enable our clients to operate more efficiently. The main clients of most MBE Centres are micro and small enterprises and independent professionals, for whom MBE provides both partial and full logistics solutions.

The main services used by our clients are registered address and mailboxes, the receipt of mail and parcels, the collection, sending and redirection of parcels, graphic design and printing services and web design and video production.

For most SMEs, MBE is the best way to improve all of their package delivery, special packaging and micro-logistics processes. All you need to do is let us know what you need.


Special packages, collection of packages at your location, delivery to any address, organising import shipments (pallets and packages) and sending worldwide.


Technical and stylish solutions to suit your needs. Preparation and printing on all surfaces in all formats. From business cards to large posters.


Mailbox rental, business address registration, receipt of your mail and parcels, mailing and registered mail. Fast and without waiting in lines.


Inks and toners, papers of all sizes and weights, packaging material (standard and personalised). Stamping, laminating, binding, photocopying.

When you need a delivery service – MBE is here for you!

It does not matter whether you are a parent sending a package to your child overseas or you have sold something through an advertisement and need it sent within Croatia. Bring your shipment to the nearest MBE Center and leave everything else to us. Delivery of packages and parcels is where we excel. Don’t worry about shipping or packing – you can leave it all to us. You just need to bring the item or package you want to send in and we will pack it professionally, using materials and methods that ensure your items arrive undamaged.

If your company needs to continually send packages to customers, it is all the same whether you are sending a single delivery or sample or you have an e-commerce shop that needs to provide regular package delivery to all global destinations. Contact your nearest MBE Centre and you’ll get a tailor-made offer unique to your requirements.

We also provide a wide range of other services. Should you need to arrange gift packages and send them to your business partners, for example, MBE can provide you with a complete service. From picking up the ingredients through the packaging to delivery to the desired addresses.

Packing and Shipping

Graphic Design and Printing

Mailbox rental and business address registration

You can rent your own mailbox at your local MBE Centre. This allows you to secure the receipt of your shipments to your chosen Centre. Shipments larger than your mailbox will be securely stored in the main part of the Centre.

You can also arrange to have us notify you of the arrival of the shipment or forward it to you at the address you specify. We can ship and deliver to someone you authorise, or – if you so instruct – open your mail, scan it and mail it to you, or even read it to you. Have your shipments received at your local MBE and then it’s down to you to determine what to do next. There’s no more need to wait around for couriers to arrive.

A mailbox rental service is ideal when combined with a registered business address service. Smaller businesses are often registered at the owner’s private residence. Sometimes this is not a good idea – you often won’t want potential business partners or salespeople to come to your front door. In addition, all MBE Centres have addresses in premium locations, making your business address much more respected in the eyes of your potential partners and clients.

Printing and graphic design – fast and effortless

It doesn’t matter whether you need a hundred business cards or to glue hundreds of squares of window displays to labels. MBE will do all the printing and graphic design preparation for you, quickly and without complications. Whether you need a catalogue to show off your products or just to print a larger contract in dozens of copies, contact your nearest MBE Center. Print roll-up banners – including complete packages that we ship with the full works and a carrying bag in under one day. Do you need a new menu for your restaurant? We can handle the graphic preparation, print it in any format and complete all kinds of finishing too – trimming, edging, lamination – anything you need.

Do you need to tastefully cover your company vehicle or workspace walls with branding designed and printed to your liking? Not only will we print them on state-of-the-art UV printers, we will also cut everything to the exact dimensions and apply it to the required location. All you need to do is let us know about your idea, then leave it to us. Print posters, invitations, cards, forms, pendants, stickers, blueprints and projects – give us a task! We’re ready to get started.

Mail Boxes Etc. Pilot Store

The Mail Boxes Etc. Croatia Pilot Store is located in the heart of the Radnicka Business Area, close to Green Gold, UK and the Grand Centre. It spans over 100 square metres and is considered to be the most beautiful MBE store in Europe. You can find the latest digital printing technologies, packaging, shipping and delivery services, graphic and web design, event tickets and office supplies at Radnička Cesta 20, 10 000 Zagreb. Visit us on weekdays from 9am to 7pm and Saturdays from 8am to 12am.


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