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MBE Import provides timely and complete care for the delivery of raw materials, goods and merchandise from anywhere in the world to your business premises. Need to ship samples from China or America? Pick up a pallet of goods from South Africa? Organise a multi-site gathering in Turkey?

No problem! Send an inquiry to dostava@mbe.hr and see what MBE can do for you. Large freight forwarding companies are often unheard of for smaller shipments or for customers who do not import daily. Luckily, you can combine MBE Import with other MBE services to get a custom solution for your import problem. This set of services effectively provides you with a specialist import and logistics department. An extra benefit is that this department works for you but is not on your payroll or charged on any sort of monthly basis.

Entrepreneurs who buy goods from EU countries are often unaware that, although it is a common market, there are some steps that differentiate EU import from purchases made in Croatia. MBE can also help you resolve the INTRASTAT records that are required if you are bringing goods into the country from the EU.

MBE Import is also used by individuals when they need to ship goods or items of higher value from non-EU countries. Have you decided to move back to Croatia from the USA or Canada? Need to organise a collection of boxes or personal belongings from Australia and transfer them to Split?

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