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Enjoy mailbox rental in all MBE Centres in Croatia

You can rent your own mailbox for personal or business use – as a sole trader, craftsman, or as the owner or director of a legal entity – at any MBE Centre in Croatia.

This service allows you to secure the receipt of all your shipments to your chosen MBE Centre. You can even receive shipments larger than your mailbox and have them safely secured in the larger MBE Centre space.

You can arrange to be notified of the arrival of a shipment or have us forward it to you at the address you specify. We can ship and hand over your items to someone you authorise, or – if you so instruct – open your mail, scan it and send it to you by email or read it to you.

Why waste time waiting for a courier or delivery person? Send your shipments to your local MBE and then decide what to do next! For any query regarding mailbox rental, send us an email at or contact the nearest MBE Centre.

Forwarding shipments – let your packages follow you wherever you choose

MBE Forwarding is ideal for anyone who wants to change their mailing address. Whether it’s a temporary absence from your place of residence or a time when you simply want a shipment that has arrived for you to be forwarded to someone else.

The MBE Forwarding service is ideal for use as a dropbox, where the shipment received for you needs to be sent to a third party. MBE Centres can also provide you with repacking services, so your shipment will arrive in your own packaging and branded materials.

With mailbox rental and shipment redirection, your local MBE Centre becomes your complete virtual office. All mail goes there, you can place orders from anywhere in the world, decide which shipments to return, which to forward and which to keep until you return.

Take advantage of the unique business flexibility that MBE gives you!

Get in touch with us and we will provide you with a personalized solution that meets your requirements