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MBE ships your shipments everywhere, worldwide

If your package has to be in New York by tomorrow morning, don’t wait – even if you think it’s too late. Let us know and we might still be able to catch a plane on your behalf. In the past, we’ve done everything from sending contracts by express courier to sending spare parts to global explorers in Australia in time to save their expedition!

If you want fast and reliable delivery to all worldwide destinations, whether it is an urgent shipment or you prefer the economy option, send an inquiry to and request a quote.

You can also combine international shipping services with other services offered by MBE. For example, combine professional packaging, micro-logistics, printing and get a complete turnkey solution. MBE is made up of expert employees who will help you – our clients – get what you need far more often than you might think can be done. Let us show you why we are so proud of our #peoplepossible way of working

Our customer support will help you to pack and ship

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