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In all MBE Centres, we use special materials for professional packaging in accordance with the requirements of the different courier services and suppliers we use. If you are sending a valuable item, do not pack it yourself unless you are completely sure that you are doing it right. Many unforeseen situations can occur during transportation. Transhipment can offer an additional array of issues. Your shipment will sometimes need to change hands a dozen times before reaching its destination.

This makes leaving the packaging to the experts a sensible plan in almost every situation.

Plus, we have all of the professional-grade materials we need to keep your items safe. From bubble wrap foils, special curbs and corners, packing tapes of various formats, fillings made of wooden wool or synthetic materials all the way up to special machines which inflate airbags that cover objects or even wooden crates that can protect very expensive items and artwork. We use it all to keep your package properly packed and protected.

It’s not worth the risk to do otherwise. Any money you might potentially save on packing can lead to damage or even the complete destruction of the shipment. That’s where MBE’s Pack and Send service comes in.

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