About Mail Boxes Etc.

Who is MBE?

Mail Boxes Etc.

You can find over 2600 Mail Box Etc. Centres worldwide. The MBE system offers value-added services to its customers which enable them to operate more efficiently.

The main clients of most MBE Centres are micro and small enterprises and independent professionals for whom MBE takes care of all their logistics needs. The main services such clients use are address registration and mailbox rental, mail and parcel delivery and collection, logistic and fulfillment services, sending and redirecting of packages, graphic design and print services, web design and video production.

For SMEs, MBE mainly helps to improve the delivery processes of packages, with special packaging and micro logistics. In our centres, customers buy tickets for concerts and events, send and receive money, photocopy or print documents and complete hundreds of other tasks each and every day.

Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. believes that protecting the personal information of individuals is a fundamental right of every person. We want you as our client to feel safe and to have the highest level of safety and comfort as part of your MBE experience. Read more about how we process and protect your data here.