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The delivery of goods on pallets is a special service, often separate from parcel delivery. Many express couriers do not accept shipments over certain dimensions. They are usually limited to boxes of dimensions and weights suitable for being carried by hand. Larger quantities of goods are packaged as standard in transport packages – cardboard boxes, bales of plastic wrap, plastic or paper bags, wooden crates and so on. Transport packages are also often further palletised. The so-called EURO pallets – the dimensions of which are 1200 x 800 x 400mm and which have a load capacity of approximately 1000 kg – are one of the most common methods.

Pallet goods use special techniques – stacking rows and folding – for maximum stability and protection during transport. This has the added advantage of making counting at reception easier and faster. The pallet is additionally protected by being wrapped in stretch film – by machine or by hand – and by having partitions and curbs installed if needed. Pallet handling is performed by various types of forklifts. Pallets themselves are also valuable equipment, around which records and documentation should be kept.

MBE’s Pallet Delivery service lets you take care of all your delivery needs in one place. Package standard EURO pallets or items of non-standard height, width or weight – MBE can find the answer to everything. This lets you avoid the search for multiple shipping partners, each of which only serves a part of your overall needs. Whether you need a single pallet delivery from Zagreb to Split or multiple pallets delivered across Europe or overseas, get in touch with us for a personally tailored solution.

Don’t have your own pallets? Do you need pallet return after delivery? Do you have goods on non-standard pallets? Do you have combinations of palletised goods, packages and shipments of non-standard dimensions that require special handling?

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