Packing, Delivery and Fulfillment Services in MBE Kajzerica, Zagreb

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Packaging, shipping and micro-logistics services in Kajzerica, Zagreb

MBE Kajzerica, Zagreb gives you the complete shipping and packaging service. It’s completely flexible. Just bring the items you want to send, choose a destination and leave the rest to us.

Our logistics experts will choose the most convenient shipping method, taking into account your budget and your desired time of arrival for your package at your destination. MBE works with the leading couriers and transport companies both in Croatia and worldwide to make sure any shipment you need to make is stress-free and easy.

At MBE Zagreb Kajzerica we send and receive thousands of packages every single day. We will always be able to find the optimal shipping solution for you. Whether you need to send a one-off document or you’re in need of a complete logistics fulfillment solution for your online shop, we have the expertise to provide it.

MBE Zagreb – Kajzerica delivers your packages without any hassle

If you need to send an occasional package, we’re ready to help you. We have a large free parking area right outside the Centre if you want to stop by. For very large shipments, we also have a handy entrance on the side of Puževa Street (Insako). It doesn’t matter whether you need to send a small box or several pallets worth of goods. We can collect items from behind the counter or unload them using one of our forklifts.

Alternatively, we can arrange pickup of your items from your address. And if you really have a lot of shipping and packing to do, we offer our full logistics solution. Many of our clients rely on us for all of their logistics needs and are now free to concentrate on running the other important part of their business.

If you’re not sure, why not let our specialists suggest the logistics model that we think would be most appropriate for you? It doesn’t matter if you need to pick up a thousand items, pack and send gifts to your business partners or you just have a single-document contract that has to be in New York by this time tomorrow. Get in touch and we will find you the best solution.

Hire a mailbox and receive shipments at our address

Why should your small business have to be registered at your home address? Why should your business partners or consumers need to find you at home? Avoid public disclosure of your private address by registering your business with us and renting one of our secure mailboxes, each of which comes with a real street address in a vital part of the city.

Not only will this boost your business’s consumer confidence levels, it will also mean you don’t need to wait at home for your latest deliveries to arrive. Have you just had to book an emergency appointment? No problem. We will receive your shipments, inform you of their arrival and let you pick them up whenever you see fit, or you can authorise someone to pick them up on your behalf.

We can also redirect them to the address you provide, meaning you don’t need to lift a finger when it comes to having your packages arrive at your real home or business address at a time when you know you’re going to be there.


Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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Whenever you need a printing or courier service in Kajzerica – MBE

MBE’s courier service in Kajzerica lets you ship locally, nationally within Croatia or to the far side of the world with equal ease. No matter what you need to send or where you need to send it, we pair you with the perfect courier or shipping service to match your timeframe and budget for delivery.

Do you need to have your packing handled by professionals?

Why not? As well as being much safer for your goods, it is easier and far more time-efficient than handling it yourself or internally within your company. Many businesses in Croatia and around the world use MBE as their full logistics partner. We store, pack and ship their goods to all of their clients worldwide.

But whether you need a courier service and packing for a single item or the ideal shipping service for numerous items or a single large or awkward pallet of goods, MBE is your local global logistics partner. We are standing by to make your delivery happen.

Call in the experts you need for graphic design in Kajzerica

Stop by your local MBE Business Centre whenever you need a graphic design in Kajzerica. Before using MBE’s printing tools and expertise, many of our clients use the specialists in their local Centre to consult on the design of their project. Whether you need an expert in flyer graphic design, brochures graphic design or to perform a colour or size check for much larger items, you will find them in your local MBE.
The expertise we provide can either be in the form of those few vital last-minute checks or complete conception to execution assistance with all of your graphic design.
Then, as soon as you are happy with your business cards, flyer graphic design, brochures graphic design or whatever we are helping you create, you have everything you need to print out and realise your project right beside you.

Visit your local printing office in Kajzerica

MBE is best known as the printing office which businesses and individuals in Kajzerica, across Croatia and around the world come to when they need fast, high-quality printing on any scale. We also function as a convenient copy shop, providing round-the-clock access to photocopiers. Ideal when you really need additional copies in a hurry.

With a huge array of equipment for everything from photo printing to large format printing and offset and digital printers ideal for any purpose, we make any print job easy and affordable.

Stroll into your local MBE copy shop and printing office whenever you have a new project on your hands. Or simply give us a call to arrange the secure transmission of your designs for your latest printing project. We can then print off and ship your items to you. With a standard turnaround time which could see your items on your desk as early as tomorrow morning.

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