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Ease your deliveries with our international or domestic shipping options

More than just a packing service – MBE “Sveta Nedelja” gives you full flexibility. Just bring the items you want to send, choose a destination and leave the rest to us. Our experts at the MBE Center “Sveta Nedelja” will choose the most convenient delivery method, taking into account your budget and the desired time of arrival at the destination.

MBE cooperates with leading couriers and transporters both in Croatia and in the world. In MBE Center “Sveta Nedelja” – Brezje at location of over 500m2, we receive and send thousands of packages every day. We are sure that we will find the optimal solution for you as well, regardless of whether occasionally send a document or need a complete logistics solution for you web shop.

Digital printing services, large format printing or the production of illuminated advertising – all this is done by MBE PrintHub “Sveta Nedelja”

Do you need large format printed in high quality? Making and editing 3D advertising with LED background lights? Design, printing and painting vehicles or perhaps making and assembling indoor and outdoor visual solutions?

In MBE Center “Sveta Nedelja” – Brezje, we can make and cut all kinds of stickers and our professionals can mount them on various surfaces, according to your desires. The print can be applied to various hard and soft surfaces, as well as final cut and processing on a laser or CNC machine.

MBE Center “Sveta Nedelja” – Brezje is a PrintHub from which the entire MBE network in Croatia is supplied with advanced solutions for graphics and printing. In this way, in each of our centers, locally, you can get various smaller print services, and MBE PrihtHub “Sveta Nedelja” allows all MBE centers and their users to have the possibility of large series of prints, in high quality and in large formats. For all inquiries about graphics, prints, neon signs and everything related to it – we are here for you.

Rent a mailbox and receive shipments at our address

Why should small businesses be registered at the address of your apartment or house? Why would your business partners disturb you at home? Avoid making your private address going public and register your business with us. This will avoid you having to wait for the delivery person at your doorstep. You will not have to wait for a courier at the company if you have to make an urgent appointment. We will receive your shipments, we can inform you of their arrival, and you pick them up when it suits you, or authorize someone to pick them up.

We can also repack them and redirect them to the address you specify, so you get a great place for your drop-shipping business.


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