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Facilitate your delivery with our international and domestic shipping options

Shipping and packing at MBE Venlo

At MBE, we arrange delivery services which simplify your life and your business. Our large international delivery network ensures that you can send anything, regardless of final destination. We work with all major international shipping and shipping carriers. So if there is a way to get your goods to your destination on time and on budget, we will find it for you.

Are you sick of carriers that don’t answer your call or respond to your emails? Do you hate listening to music while you’re on hold waiting for a free courier agent? If so, MBE is the solution for you! We are specialists in delivering your goods to any destination. Whether it is a simple document, a package or an entire pallet of goods.

Do you need to package your items before sending too? No problem. In addition to sturdy boxes, MBE also offers you a full range of professional packaging materials such as bubble envelopes, bubble wrap, airbags, packing tape, cardboard, styrofoam filling and more. Just bring your package or urgent shipment in and we will choose the best packaging and the best shipping method, always bearing in mind your budget and arrival time.

Consult experienced professionals about your shipment

MBE ensures delivery for everyone. From individuals who need to send a document locally to corporate clients who need a professional service to send numerous packages to various destinations worldwide.

Join the many businesses and individuals from Rijeka and the surrounding area who use MBE’s packing and shipping services to save time and money. This way, you too can commit to delivering your business’s primary services – those things which you’re the expert at. You’ll be leaving the mundane but necessary processes of shipping and delivery to our experienced professionals.


Why receive shipments at MBE Rijeka?

By renting a mailbox with us, you can have us receive any and all packages you are expecting. We can arrange for a notification to be sent to you by email, SMS or telephone whenever a shipment arrives. This avoids you needing to wait for the courier at home or having them return the shipment they tried to deliver when you were not at the delivery address. We can even send your shipments to the address you specify, hand them over to someone you authorise, or simply hold on to them until your arrival.

Stop by MBE Rijeka today or call us! Whenever you have something to send or just want the advice of an experienced professional, let us know.




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Get the ideal printing, graphic design or courier service in Rijeka

Visit your local MBE in Rijeka and we will find you the ideal courier service for your package. Sometimes this means a simple courier to get it where it needs to go. Sometimes it means a shipping service for a larger item – or setting up processes which will handle the packing and sending of all of your company’s products to destinations around the world on a regular basis.
Whether you need an ongoing logistics partner for your company or a single shipment sent, we will always find you the right partner carrier. Your budget and your timeframe – as well as the nature of your items – are all carefully considered before we find you the ideal service.
Take advantage of MBE Import – the way to get your shipping service to pass customs requirements with ease – and MBE SafeValue, which protects the cost of your packing and courier service as well as the value of your item itself while it is in transit. As well as numerous other extras to make your shipment just that little bit easier.
Tell us what you need to send today. MBE is your all-in-one logistics solution.

Get graphic design in Rijeka for any project

Do you need new business cards? Something to really stand out from the crowd? How about advertising brochures? The graphic design expertise we provide gives you the expert assistance you need with any project. From flyer graphic design to the final look of your latest posters or banners.

We can provide just those final checks to confirm that the colours, scales and sizes of your final output will be just as you imagined. Or we can help you bring your design from initial concept through to production.

Head on in and discuss your project with us today. The graphic design specialists you will find in your local MBE in Rijeka can help you with flyer graphic design, business cards, branding, documents, brochures graphic design and much more besides.

Stop by your local printing office in Rijeka

MBE is the local printing office and copy shop used by SMEs in every industry and by thousands of individuals around the world. Whatever printing job you need a solution for, we can provide it:
We are fully equipped with the latest offset and digital printing technology. This means we regularly complete projects which include everything from large format printing to documents, standard flyers and brochures to magazines to business cards to creating commercial products such as graphics on clothing or mugs.
Tell us what you need a printing office or copy shop in Rijeka for today. We will help you plan your latest printing project so you always get the best value for money. The speed of turnaround we offer means you will often have it on your desk by tomorrow morning.

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