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MBE Đakovo offers everything in one place for your packaging and delivery services.

Simply stop by your local MBE Center and send anything to any location in the world. MBE solves all your needs for delivery and packaging in one place in Đakovo. The items you want to send will be securely packed, using professional materials and equipment. You will also receive the best conditions for your shipment – it doesn’t matter if you are sending in Croatia or anywhere in the world.

Rely on proven professional packaging service. Special wooden wine boxes and special packaging for musical instruments or works of art. Solid cardboard boxes for all kinds of products, gifts and more. Whatever you need to send, the logistics specialists at your local MBE Center know how to do it.

Sending shipments from Đakovo to any location has never been easier.

Best value for money for all your delivery services. Do you need to send something by express delivery? Should it be sent by land, sea or air? MBE works with most of the best local and worldwide couriers and delivery services. We will always connect you with the courier who has the best price-delivery ratio.

MBE provides companies of all sizes with delivery anywhere by world, without unnecessary stress and complications. We help companies manage their shipments, whether they are shipments to customers or deliveries from suppliers.

The easy way to get a real street business address and mailbox in Đakovo

There is no need to arrange the transport of your shipments to your local MBE Centre either. We can send shipments directly on to your main business address and arrange pickup from your home or business address without any hassle. Many of our customers use us every day to pick up their shipments and deliver them directly to their customers.


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Ulica Ante Starčevića 83
31400, Đakovo

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