Registered Address Services

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The MBE registered business address service helps small businesses and individuals further leverage their business’s reputation. There’s no delivery waiting involved. All shipments are received at your local MBE Centre and can be sent on to you directly if necessary.

That MBE Centre becomes your office as far as the world is concerned. We even have an office corner which you can use if you actually need to use it as such! Here, you’ll find a computer with Internet access as well as professional printing and copying facilities for all of your documents. You also have the ability to redirect mail and shipments on to your actual address. Your MBE Centre team are happy to help you with a number of additional services related to your business too.

MBE Centres are often located at prestigious addresses in city centres. By registering at this kind of address, you create a much better first impression – especially with foreign partners who will search for your location using online maps. A business address in the city centre or a well-known commercial area will always be better than one in a residential building in the city outskirts. Plus, there will be no marketers looking for your business on your doorstep.

Our customer support will help you to pack and ship

For all inquiries regarding the registration of a business address – please contact us at the nearest MBE Center or send us an inquiry

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