The MBE Brand

MBE’s brand identity, established through web campaigns, radio, TV, billboards, print and other media, underlines the importance and reputation of MBE as one of entrepreneurial excellence, superior service and enviable customer loyalty. The power of the brand comes from the power of the people who represent it. Working together, it is our duty to raise it every day.

Receiving a client, listening to their needs, the integrity of the solutions proposed, clarity of communication, quality in execution and achievement of the goal are the constants of MBE’s entrepreneurial mentality.

The success of our brand depends on the success of our people in correctly interpreting the needs of our customers, every time.

MBE Centres are managed by companies operating within the MBE franchise system. Mail Boxes Etc. provides support services to businesses and individuals through its franchise network. The main services offered by MBE centres are logistics and transport services and graphics and printing services. These are implemented by contracting with each MBE Centre operator individually. MBE contracts with leading couriers in domestic and international transport while performing graphics and printing directly within individual MBE centres or through contracts with large printers.

Mail Boxes Etc. and MBE are registered trademarks and used with the permission of MBE Worldwide S.r.l. (all rights reserved). Some of the services offered by the global MBE system may not be available in some MBE centres.

2019 © MBE Adriatic.

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