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MBE is a franchise system in which the operations of individual MBE Centres are run by individual entrepreneurs. Each of our entrepreneurs in the region has a franchise agreement with MBE Adriatic in Zagreb, which holds the MBE Master Franchise for Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

By entering into a franchise agreement you, as a franchisee, will be immediately trained in all of the knowledge and experience gathered by MBE during the several decades we’ve been doing business at over 2500 locations worldwide. When you become part of the MBE network, you will gain beneficial terms with suppliers, be part of a recognisable international brand and get territorial exclusivity within your agreed region.

We are currently looking for individuals and companies interested in opening MBE Centres in all major Croatian cities. If you want to start your own business or expand your existing business by opening a Mail Boxes Etc. Centre in your city, please email us at:

Alternatively, if you are interested in expanding the franchise to other countries in the region where we are not yet present or in acquiring a franchise for individual countries in the region, please also contact

As a provider of MBE’s logistics and communication services, it will be your ever-changing role every day to enable the optimisation of time and resources for individuals and businesses across your personal region.

I love helping people meet their daily challenges.

As an MBE franchisee, your dedication and quality of work make a big difference in the lives of thousands.

I want to start a new career.

A franchise minimises the risks of entrepreneurship and allows you to control my destiny.

I want to use my contacts and my relationships.

MBE addresses the diverse needs of local people, building on your existing entrepreneurship.

I want to work in a dynamic and evolving sector.

International logistics and communication have a lot of potential for growth.

I want to benefit from the success of other entrepreneurs.

MBE’s consolidated network is a very valuable resource, especially from a knowledge standpoint.

I want to directly influence my future.

In MBE, your decisions have value.

I want to be part of a network with more than 2500 entrepreneurs worldwide.

The entire MBE team benefits from the success of every single entrepreneur.